S-TEC's SNECON enable stable transport of materials. S-TEC is a manufacturer specializing in 2-D and 3-D transport conveyors.

About our SNECON


  • Point13-D transport

    A single conveyor unit can be used for both horizontal and vertical transport, and can be installed flexibly in areas with limited space.
    Helps to save power as only a single motor is required.

  • Point2Sealed structure

    Our SNECON have a sealed structure, and thehigh sealing performance keeps the transported materials from scattering and odors from escaping.
    The sealed structure is strong against rainwater which enables the conveyors to be installed outdoors.

  • Point3High-level technical capabilities
    and product durability

    Our track record of over 20,000 SNECON is a testament to the high level of our technology and the excellent durability of the equipment we manufacture.
    We propose the optimal specifications for our customers' requirements, so they can use our conveyors with confidence over the long term.

Product lineup

  • DD type SNECONThis is our main type of flight chain conveyor whichis suitable for transporting powdery and granular materials and is in use in a wide variety of fields from general industries to various environmental treatment facilities.
  • SD type SNECONA mounted scraping device forcibly peels off any material attached to the chain and enables the material to be transported efficiently. This type of conveyor has been highly evaluated by treatment plants and factories throughout the nation.
  • SB type SNECONThis continuous metal bucket conveyor was developed based on our extensive track record of manufacturing the DD and SD type conveyors, and it is ideal for transporting large particles, materials that are highly abrasive, and materials that defy classification.
  • NSB type SNECONThis conveyor is ideal for highly abrasive materials such as silica sand and fluid sand, and it is in use in sewage treatmentplants nationwide.
  • SBP type SNECONChainless resin continuous bucket conveyors are very effective for transporting such materials as foods and batteries because the resin buckets do not generate metal powder.
  • QB type SNECONThis pivoting type of bucket conveyor enables the load to be intermediately discharged or charged, andthe buckets always travel facing upward. This conveyor is suitable for transporting grains and granular materials.

Company Profile


Company name :S-TEC Co., Ltd.
Location :Nihonbashi Hirose Building, 3-1-17 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027MAP

Tel: +81 3-3275-3131, Fax: +81 3-3275-3138

Capital :96 miltron yen
Estabtrshed :June 1963
President and CEO :Tomozo Miyamoto
Branch and factory :Osaka Branch Shin-Osaka Hashimoto Building, 1-2-6 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0003

Tel: +81 6-6394-3131, Fax: +81 6-6394-3149

Tsukuba Factory Techno Park Toyosato Industrial Park, 4-9, Midorigahara, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture 300-2646

Tel: +81 29-847-3131, Fax: +81 29-847-3060